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Searchable Database of Useable MIDI Files

This web site serves as a searchable database of public domain musical compositions in a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) file format. These files contain the basic data of MIDI information, allowing them to be manipulated to suit individual needs. The files have been indexed to allow for searches based upon musical parameters.

Application of Files

These useable MIDI files are applicable to teaching, research, and presentation. Examples of applications include multimedia presentations, background music for film, video, animation, and re-purposing of music in teaching environments. Files contained within this web site have been created in different durational versions for each musical work. These various lengths of time allow for the compression or elongation of the files to suit various timeframes without distorting the pitch information and provide for greater flexibility in time and memory management. The web site offers file examples of 14.5, 29.5, 59.5 seconds as well as a complete playback file of the music.

The complete files also offer the ablity to download a public domain score into a computer notation program, such as Finale 2001a or Sibelius. Please read the technical support pages for downloading a score.

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